Antonia Pütz

Antonia Pütz (choreographer and costume designer) holds diplomas in Stage Dance (Hochschule für Bühnentanz Leipzig) and Physiotherapy (Diakonisches Institut für soziale Berufe Dornstadt). During her career as soloist at Theater Ulm (2000-2011) she formed part of an international ballet company; besides working as a choreographer and costume designer for projects at Theater Ulm (2004-2014) she taught ballet at Ballettverein Ulm (2009-2011) and supervised various dance and movement therapy groups. Among her works as choreographer and designer are REFUGIUM (Theater Ulm, 2014), KRONOS TRAVELS (Federseemuseum Bad Buchau, 2014), AUFSTIEG UND FALL DER STADT MAHAGONNY (Ulmer Theater, 2006), HÄNSEL UND GRETEL (Ulmer Theater, 2005)