On writing letters

Michael Sommer, artistic director of Phone Home Germany, on electronic communication and the political discourse on the ‘refugee crisis’ in Germany. Shortly after email was invented, two things became obvious: […]

Perception and Trust

Theatre Exercises for Intercultural Workshops By Andreas Bachmair, Amsterdam, 29th January 2016 The following exercises are ideas for building an intercultural theatre workshops like the ones taking place in the […]

Αφήνοντας Ίχνη

[read in English] Η Γερμανία δεν είναι μία αναπτυσσόμενη χώρα από πληθυσμιακή πλευρά. Για δεκαετίες, ο πληθυσμός της μάλλον μειώνεται παρά αυξάνεται. Με τους νόμους της λογικής επομένως, θα έπρεπε […]