Feelings mashup

Comfortable – around people I’ve only met a few months and basically know just a few things about.
Appreciative – for all those little things that we’ve chosen to so generously share under the pretext of this project.
Worried – that we might have accomplished more, had we achieved to include more people, more communities, more NGOs.
Irritated – that some of the doors we’ve knocked remained closed and people chose to keep interacting within their own established practices.
Understanding – since we are still very new to all this experience, while others have made this their life.
Proud – for this group of people who so willingly dived into the workshop challenge , suprising us with their courage, their openness and, most of all, their creativity.
Honored – to now know a little bit more about their hopes, their struggles, their personal culture and sensitivity. And they of mine.
Contented – that they liked the food I cooked and, oh so, full from tasting all the dishes in our colourful buffet, savoury and sweet!
Glad – to see everyone enjoying themselves and making fun of each other while watching the videos we prepared from our experiences during the workshops.
Like a child – moving around the thread and photo installation we conjured up.
Anxious – to give out the small gifts I’ve prepared, a different ribbon for every one.
Relieved – to get my Sundays back, to rest and have the experience finally sink in, and yet…
… kind of addicted to the work!
Stressed out – to face the bureaucratic and financial realities of deciding such alterations or even keeping to the agreed budget and timeline.
Melancholic – to realize that I won’t be seeing the ‘guys’ next Sunday.
Doubtful – that we’ll be able to meet, eat and grit again soon, although we promised.
Happy – to be a part of Phone Home Athens Theatre Workshops.