Phone Home Athens Workshop 1

Date: 16/11/2015

Location: Synergy-o

Participants:  9 plus 5 Instructors

Countries of origin: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Pakistan, Persia, France, Slovenia, Greece

Brief introduction

– In a circle, everyone introduces themselves, saying their name, where they come from and their main occupation

Warm up

We walk around the room and say hello to anyone we come across

We walk around the room and we laugh our hearts out

Exercises (in a circle)

Do what I do A: each one takes turns making a gesture, a little dance or a funny face and everyone else mimics the action

Do what I do B: same as in A, but each person initiating the action comes into the centre of the circle

Energy “catchers”: mimicking the action of holding an imaginary energy ‘ball’, we send it across to each other by clapping one hand on the other and directing the motion to whomever we wish to send the energy to – we mix it up by changing directions back and forth

Throw the… pomegranate (usually done with a small plastic ball, but we didn’t have one readily available, so we used a plastic pomegranate instead….): The person holding the pomegranate throws it up in the air and calls out someone else’s name from the group – the person hearing their name need to hurry up and catch the pomegranate, while at the same time changing positions in the circle with each other – if the pomegranate falls, then everyone needs to fall down as well.

Changing places: we try and change places with other participants just by catching their eye and locking each other’s gaze

Stories (Pantomime)

Using a broomstick, each participant comes into the centre of the circle and transforms the object into something else completely, making up a short story around the action created.

Some of the actions we saw:

– A car crashing

– Someone washing his teeth

– A rock star

– A maestro giving up by the inadequacy of their band

– An old man using a cane and slipping

– A parade dancer losing her batonette

and many more….