Phone Home Athens Workshop 10

Date: 10/1/2016

Location: Synergy-o

Participants: 5 plus 2 Instructors

Countries of origin: Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Australia, Greece

Today, our theme was playing with silence.

Warm up

Hug it out: we stand in a circle and decide who we want to hug – then we walk towards them, hug them tightly for a second, let them go and go straight to the other side / if someone intercepts, we decide on the spot whether to let them and change our focus or keep our course

Searching for the silence: we close our eyes and look towards ourselves, keeping the eyes calm – Alexia comes and touches each participant on the face, calming them down and guiding them to remember a time when they felt utterly satisfied / happy / calm / serene in silence (giving an example from her own past) – she then invites everyone to try and recreate the moment and the feeling they felt and relive it in the current silence

– When the participants open their eyes, Alexia asks how long they thought they had their eyes closed for – no one comes even close to guessing right (all think less): it was for 3.5 minutes!


The group recreates each participant’s “story in silence” – each lending their body to recreate an object or other element of the other’s scene, in order to help them feel the same way they felt in their original moment in silence.

– Participant C: a room lit up by the morning sun

– Participant D: watching the day and the town waking up after his 2 to 4 watch during the time he was in the army

– Participant B: on top of a mountain, gazing out and feeling free

– Participants E & A: a moment in prayer*

*The guys guide us through the practice of Namaz prayer → this leads to an interesting conversation about religion and they way we choose to honor and practice it (or not) passing it on to our children

Exercise on silence:

We divide into pairs and use the following language with silences whenever we choose in order to create the illusion of a back story – First each couple practices separately, then the team watches each couple and tries to make out the story behind the lines and silences.

The dialogue is:

– Hi … (name of partner)! How are you?

– Hello. I am fine and you?

– Great. When I leave here, I am meeting a friend…