Phone Home Athens Workshop 4

Date: 30/11/2015

Location: Synergy-o

Participants: 18 plus 3 Instructors

Countries of origin: Bagladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Australia, Greece

Warm up

Roll your fingers on your body to relax

Relax the eyes

– Make fists and pound on your body to wake it up

– Say brrrrr

– Make large expressions, keeping everything in and letting everything out


Toss the ball, say a name: the other person needs to catch the ball before it falls on the floor or else we the entire group sits on the floor

Walking around the room A: when you hear the clap grab somebody’s hand, shoulder, back etc.

Walking around the room B: when you hear the clap, everyone sits except one or two people

Walking around the room C: eyes closed (pretend to be blind)

Make pairs and take turns walking the blind

– Tie and untie the knot: Everyone holds hands / without letting go, we start mingling and creating shapes, like tying up knots in a rope / when everyone’s motion are finally restricted, we try to untie ourselves and get back to our original position in the circle, never letting hands (group building exercise)


Make up a story phrase by phrase, each one talking the story up from where the previous left off

– Act out new stories taking an object* as a starting point


1) Group A: Globe becomes The Pregnant lady

A pregnant woman and her friend are watching TV, when she gets into labour – her friend helps her call a taxi and then calls her husband – after a crazy ride, they get to the hospital but don’t have any money – The husband comes and pays the taxi-driver, then stays by her side during labour – The doctor and nurse deliver the baby – The husband steps out to make some calls and the wife falls asleep with the baby – Another man comes and kidnaps the baby – The wife wakes up and starts shouting for help – Husband, doctor and nurse come and call the police – Two policemen come, they take a statement, then start looking for the kidnapper – They find him and bring him to the hospital with the baby: it turns out, he is the wife’s ex lover who thinks the baby is his – The policemen give the baby back to the couple and all ends well!

2) Group B: Suitcase becomes The Present

A guy goes to a shop and buys a suitcase – He fills it with a present for his mother who lives in another city – He calls his mother to let her know – He then takes it and tries to find the post office – He asks a couple on the street for directions, but it turns out they both speak a different language and he doesn’t understand them – He finally gets to the post-office, where he finds two employees watching a telenovela – After many efforts, he manages to get the information he needs (cost, time of arrival etc), pays them and leaves the suitcase – One of the two post-office employees takes the suitcase to the port and delivers it to a sailor – The next day, the sailor delivers the suitcase to the guy’s mother.


Hasan, Margarita, Yannis, Alexia, Nandia, Nena, Irini, Christianne, Hanif, Asma, Halil, Panagiotis, Lefteris, Giorgos, Daphne, Coline, Marianna, Reza, Aidim, Zarif, Agit