Phone Home Athens Workshop 5

Date: 7/12/2015

Location: Synergy-o

Participants: 5 plus 3 Instructors

Countries of origin: France, Syria, Australia, Greece

Warm up

Massage each other standing in the middle of the group

– Make large expressions, keeping everything in and letting everything out


Toss the ball, say a name

– Walking around the room A: funny walks

– Walking around the room B: when you hear the clap, change your walk

– Walking around the room C: when you hear the clap, try to mimic someone else’s walk

– Stay in the coop: try to remain in the only one standing in a confined space hopping on one leg like a chicken


In pairs: The group divided in pairs and each learned a little bit about the other one’s story – then they presented the story (or at least, all the elements that the other person wished to share) in the first person, i.e. as if they had actually become the other person speaking

Funny stories: Using the same technique as before, each person now narrated and acted out his partner’s story – a funny one to be exact