Phone Home Athens Workshop 6

Date: 10/12/2015

Location: STEKI

Participants: 9 plus 2 Instructors

Countries of origin: Pakistan, France, Syria, Italy, Belgium, Greece

Warm up

Say my name

Relax the eyes

– Make fists and pound on your body to wake it up

– Make large expressions, keeping everything in and letting everything out


– Walking around the room A: funny walks

– Walking around the room B: when you hear the clap, change your walk

– Walking around the room C: when you hear the clap, try to mimic someone else’s walk

– Weird machines (a group pantomime): represent the clogs of a machine constructing whatever you decide – Group A: a doll making factory – Group B: a weird heart making factory


– Act out new stories taking an object* as a starting point


1) Group B: Fire extinguisher

Five flatmates try to interprete what an extinguisher is: when Flatmate 1 enters the flat holding the extinguisher, she sits down and tries to smoke it, thinking it is a narghile. Flatmate 2 takes over and turns it into a bottle of parfume. Flatmate 3 and Flatmate 4 have different ideas, until Flatmate 5 takes over and turns into hairspray. Everyone then gets mad trying to take the object from everyone else and insisting on their opinion, until Flatmate 5 throws it out the window. After a moment’s silence, life turns back into normal (?)

2) Group A: Fruit basket

A farmer picks fruit, puts it in a basket and sells it to a grocery store. A client comes in and starts picking some of the fruit to buy, when he finds a ring inside the basket. The store owner says that the ring is his, but the client refuses to give it to him (finders keepers!), and they start arguing. Two girls pass by the store and see them and they wonder what is going on. The men drop the ring, one of the girls picks it up and the men let her have it. The girl offers the ring to her friend, and she has a great idea: they should plant the ring and let a ring-tree grow to get more rings! The first girl then says that she know a very good farmer who can grow anything, so both girs set out to find him. As it happens, the farmer is the one we saw at the start of the story. It turns out that the ring is his: he lost it inside the basket while picking the fruit!

More objects: bootle & umbrella –> Metamorphosis

Each participant thinks and acts out (mimes) three different uses for one of the two objects.

Some of the ideas that came up:

Bottle: flute, pistol, golf cane, microphone, rolling pin, compass, telescope, firework, rabdomante…

Umbrella: scouter, tea pot, hat, racket, banana, mobile phone, surfing board, magic broom and… her boyfriend Panos!