Phone Home Athens Workshop 7

Date: 14/12/2015

Location: Synergy-o

Participants: 11 plus 3 Instructors

Countries of origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Australia, Greece

Warm up

Massage each other standing in the middle of the group

– Turn the massage into short raps, trying to wake and warm the body up without hurting each other


Circle of trust (we from two smaller circles): one participant stands in the centre and closes their eyes – keeping the feet pinned on the floor and the body tightly wound, the person in the centre starts swinging back and forth, left and right / the rest of the group in the circle try to prop him/her up again, without letting them fall; it is a great trust-building exercise

→ We start with the participant in the middle swinging slowly, then gradually we pick up the pace

Walk – clap – Fall & Grab: we break the circles and start walking around every which way – when Yannis claps his hands, at least one person has to start swinging and the people closest to him/her need to run over and catch them, not letting them fall

– Then we make it even harder: we walk around and there is no clap – someone just randomly decides to start swinging and the rest of the group need to be extremely alert (we had a couple of falls, but the group did extremely well in general)


  • We divide into two groups: the participants tell a story to their group (a real one that happened to them – or that they’ve heard someone else telling it) – the group decides which story they like to play
  • The groups rehearse and present their stories BUT without using ANY words – just sounds, gestures and pantomime

1) Group 1: One night at a bar *inspired by a true story

Two guys walk into a club – the DJ is blasting the music – they start drinking heavily and call the waiter over again and again – then, two girls walk into the club – the boys try to flirt with them, but the girls are not interested – the boys insist, but they are too drunk and one of them even ends up vomiting in front of them – the DJ-turned-bodyguard and the waiter go over to through the boys out of the club and all Hell breaks loose…. After a big fight that leaves both of the boys unconscious, the girls finally leave… with the DJ!

2) Group 2: Next to the border *a true (and devastating) story

A group of emigrants tries to pass the border – the trafficker makes them wait for days, hidden behind a small hill. The group protests, but the trafficker will have nothing of it: he doesn’t even allow them to light a fire and warm up… One of the boys dies from the cold and exhaustion. The trafficker orders his friend to leave him there – but the boy refuses: after he weeps for his friend, he takes him over his shoulder and turns around. And the rest of the group follows him back home…