Phone Home Athens Workshops 8

Date: 17/12/2015

Location: STEKI

Participants: 6 plus 1 Instructor

Countries of origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan, France, Belgium, Morocco, Syria, Greece

Warm up

In couples: we try walking around the room attached with our partner from one specific body part (i.e. shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, head to head, back to back etc.) without falling of breaking our connection

In a circle: we start wiggling our limps, neck and facial features to relax and warm them up

In a circle: we imagine that we have a small mouse in our hands and pass it on from one to the other noticing how each of us reacts to the animal (it might crawl into our hair, get inside our blouse, tickle us or walk all over our body…)


  • The Castaway: One person from the group turns away, as the rest decide on one common feeling to represent – when they are ready, they call the cast-away, put him/her in the centre of the circle and start acting like they feel the selected feeling (but without talking, only with facial expressions and body language) – the castaway tries to guess which feeling it is
  • The Sculptor: we put some music on and everyone starts dancing or just goofing around to the rhythm. When the music stops, everyone freezes like a statue. One person from the group is selected to become the sculptor: he/she may move the statues around BUT they can’t change their body stasis – the sculptor thus tries to put everyone in such a way, as to form a story, inspired by the way the statues look
  • Tableau vivant: using the ‘living painting technique’ we combine the two previous exercises – one person is cast away from the group, while the rest decide how to represent a feeling again, but this time as a snapshot from a live action: we think of a story which results in a feeling and then choose the perfect time to ‘freeze’ it, making a tableau vivant – when the group is ready, the castaway comes back and tries to interpret the frozen scene in front of him/her and the feeling the rest try to convey


  • Using our bodies to write our names: everyone writes their name on a whiteboard (using their own language) – the rest of the group tries to spell the name using their bodies and some objects found in the workshop space – the result is photographed as a tableau vivant