Rebecca Kenyon – Filmmaker

Rebecca Kenyon is responsible for documentary footage during the process and live-streamed camera work for the London performances.  She is a filmmaker and director of ‘mote of dust films’ focused on social documentaries. Whilst making multi award-winning feature Something You Can Call Home, she was a founding artist-in-residence at Cucalorus Film Festival in North Carolina, where she is also now a programmer and chair of the Ambassadors Council.

Originally an actor, Rebecca built up a variety of experience in camera and production departments before collaborating on projects such as P.N.G Style, with David Fedele, about his solo journey through Papua New Guinea, which has been broadcast internationally, It Gets Better West End, with Andrew Pepper, a response to bullying amongst young people who identify as LGBT, and The Shed, with Red Rose Chain, an interactive pop up experience exploring mental health stigma. She went on to be DV Director on ITV documentary series Me and My Guide Dog.  Rebecca’s short documentary Gallopers, following the families of UK vintage fairground Carters Steam Fair, will be released this autumn, and she is currently shooting a feature documentary about the emerging role of the end of life ‘doula’.